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Thank You Letters
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Thank You Letters

Thank You Letters

"Dear Snowdrop

I am writing to express my sincere thanks for all the help you have given me and my family.
I cannot begin to explain to you what it has meant to us as a family to have the support of Snowdrop over the year.
Without the support of the dedicated nursing team and Phil, I do not know what we would do.
Your nurses enabled my son to have his daily injections, at home Mon to Friday for many months until I was ready to learn for myself.They supported me in this very difficult time, until I was able to 'go it alone'.
The team have also alleviated other stresses like all the needles and syringes that we need are simply and efficiently ordered and delivered to us. This seemingly simple exercise had proven so difficult through other means and it is one less thing to worry about.
Snowdrop and everyone on the team do a magnificent job and it is very much appreciated."

"Dear Snowdrop

Please convey our thanks to everyone who works for Snowdrop. The charity has made a real difference to how we have coped with T's illness. The outings the girls (his sisters) have been on, the toys for 'T', the money help and the help with moving expenses have meant so much. Emotionally too knowing that others are there caring for the family in what is quite a devastating time has been a great comfort. Seeing one's child so ill and the impact on everyone cannot be really described, the concern you have shown and support you have showed really helps. The nurses have been a great reassurance and 'T' has been enabled to cope with cheerfulness.

Since Christmas he has had two spells in hospital but is doing pretty well now. Snowdrop has been a Godsend to us, helped us make a fresh start and really has kept us going."

"Dear Snowdrop

We simply cannot put into words our thanks and gratitude to you all. Snowdrop nurses were the best nurses we met over the whole year, the kindness and dedication they showed us, we will all remember for ever. Our daughter was a great judge of character. She told us on many occasions how good they both were and she would know!

She is in our thoughts every second; she was the most wonderful daughter and we were so lucky to have her. Most evenings we discuss how terrible it could have been, her last days and her peace of mind. Without you we would never have been able to have achieved a peaceful and family death at home. If nothing else we have the comfort that she passed away thinking that she was getting better, the hospital visits were over and she was home for good, somewhere she loved to be without you we could not have done that. Thank you seems inadequate, but it is all we can say."

"Dear Snowdrop

I would like to thank you for all that the Snowdrop Trust has done for us since we found out about the girls' illness. The support we have had from the Nurses has been so important in enabling us to keep R at home as much as we did and to retain as much normality as possible. R always loved seeing the nurses and enjoyed having a giggle with them, not to mention kisses and cuddles. The Councillor has provided us with a huge amount of support in dealing with the situation that we have found ourselves in, I know that my husband has found the time spent with him very helpful. The provision of a volunteer has allowed me to continue doing things with the girls at the weekends while my husband has been working. She is fantastic and R really enjoyed the time spent with her.

Thank you also for the practical support that we have received. It has helped us greatly not having to worry about the financial side of things when there has been a need for an expensive thing.

Most importantly thank you for the memories that you have enabled us to have. The photo on the front of this card is from the day out to Fishers Farm that you gave us and where they brought out a baby guinea pig and a baby rabbit for R to stroke. Thank you for everything."

"Dear Snowdrop

Thank you so much for 'J's' laptop, bag and mouse. The laptop arrived last Friday and 'J' has spent so much time on it already, he has loaded his games etc all ready for his hospital visits.

I am sure it will make a big difference to him and will be a great help especially when he joins the 6th form in September. We all wanted to say a big thank you."

"Dear Snowdrop Team

Thank you so much paying for our Alton Towers tickets. We had a brilliant day, fitting in as many rides as physically possible in one day I think! My best bit was probably 'Rita' which catapulted Dad and I from 0-100km/h in 2.5 seconds, although seeing mum and 'L' soaked to the skin after one of the water rides, gave 'Rita' a run for its money!"

"Dear Jane, Michele, Rosy, Jackie and the Snowdrop Team

We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us. The care that you have shown to 'T' during his short life was amazing, and the support you have given to us which is ongoing has been brilliant.

Our little boy always took things in his stride, from weekly tube changes to blood tests and stays in hospital.

You were always there with us on his journey of life to make all our lives more comfortable, and for that we cannot say what it means to us with words. Thank again."

"To everyone at Snowdrop including all the Community Nurses

Thank you for everything you've done for me. A big big thank you from us both"

"Dear Snowdrop

I can't believe 'A' is at school, my little girl now a school girl, and enjoying every minute of it, she has already made a couple of new friends.

'A' still enjoys challenges, it took only 1/2 hour for her to learn to ride her bike without stabilizers, now she zooms around like 'Barry Sheen!', and trying new things.

'A' and I would really like to thank you for helping and supporting us throught her bad days, and always being on the end of the phone when I needed a chat, we will never forget you."